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How Often Should You Get an Alignment For Your Kia?

If your vehicle just recently sustained some damage from an impact, you’ll want to get your alignment checked right away. Knowing when to have your vehicle aligned can be a little tricky, but the good news is car alignment symptoms are easy enough to figure out. If your car, truck, or SUV needs an alignment, the simplest sign to detect is unequal tire wear or tires that wear too quickly. Surprisingly enough, wheel alignment is not normally detailed on maintenance schedules. So, if there are no recognized issues, you will still want to have your alignment examined a minimum of once a year.

What Causes Vehicle Wheel Alignment Problems?

Alignment problems can be traced back to 2 main wrongdoers, Parts Failure and Damage.

Damage to the Car

This one is the most evident, something has harmed your car and now it does not drive the exact same. While the damage can be brought on by an accident, it is more likely that you hit a big pothole or inadvertently drove over a curb too quickly. Even driving over roadway debris can cause misalignment, yet it will likely be something you discover promptly. If your car pulls left or right, it needs to be checked for an alignment problem.

Failure of Parts

This could be harder to diagnose. Even if you have not had any type of damage to your car, truck, or SUV, it could still be misaligned. Your car’s alignment is most impacted by your suspension, and if your suspension is failing (or has failed) it can create alignment troubles. The biggest sign of components failure is irregular tire wear. If your tires are wearing faster than usual or if the front tires are wearing down faster than the rears (or vice versa) your car needs to be checked for an alignment concern.

How Much Should a Wheel Alignment Cost?

The price of a car alignment relies on what kind of alignment procedure your car requires. A vehicle that needs a four-wheel alignment will likely cost more than an automobile that only needs a two-wheel alignment. In addition, an industrial vehicle will generally have additional requirements than a common car. The best recommendation is to bring it to us, our skilled service technicians can provide you with a quote customized for your automobile and its demands.

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