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Kia Air Filter Near Me
Replace your engine air filter on your new Kia with a genuine Kia engine air filter.
Keeping your engine air filter in your vehicle clean is an important thing to help ensure you have a healthy engine. This is just as important as having a regular oil change. The engine air filter is located inside the engine bay and is used to filter out tiny particles that can cause serious damage over time to your vehicle. Replacing your engine air filter on a regular basis will help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come. If you are experiencing a loss of power or if you notice that your fuel efficiency has dropped then most likely your engine air filter needs to be replaced.

Kia Engine Air Filter Replacement

Your Kia engine air filter should be replaced according to your Kia owner’s manual. That can also depend on your driving habits. You should have your engine air filter checked during oil changes or about every 10,000 miles. The typical engine air filter should be changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles to keep your engine healthy. If you live in a rather extreme environment such as dusty conditions then it will be important to have your engine air filter changed more frequently. In the St. Louis area, we do have all seasons which can deteriorate your engine air filter over time. At Red Rock Kia we stock all Kia air filters and if you are doing it yourself stop by our parts department today so we can get the correct size for your Kia. Kia service center.

Why buy a Kia Air Filter at Red Rock Kia? – Kia dealership near me
It is so important for your Kia to have a clean engine air filter so it can run efficiently. Your engine air filter is designed to help prevent airborne contaminants from entering your engine. If your engine air filter is dirty it will lessen the life of your engine. It will also affect the miles per gallon you get while driving.

Red Rock Kia can make sure you have the correct engine air filter for your vehicle.  Next time you are in for service just tell your service advisor you would like to have your engine air filter checked. This can be replaced at the same time you have your oil filter and Cabin Air Filter changed.  If it is dirty we can bring your old engine air filter out to you to inspect and can replace it with a Kia genuine engine air filter upon your request. Kia Dealership near me.

We stock a large assortment of Kia engine air filters so we will be ready for you. You won’t have to wait to have an engine air filter installed like in the small shops. We are the OEM and stock all Kia products for your vehicle including Kia Brakes, Kia Batteries, and Kia Tires.  Even if you change your engine air filter stop by Red Rock Kia in Grand JUNCTION and we will get you the correct engine air filter for your Kia.  Visit our parts department today!