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2021 Kia Forte
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2021 Kia Forte Sedan

2021 Kia Forte LXS 24-Month Advertised Lease Offer Offer Details

Applies to select new 2021 Kia Forte. Offer only valid 5/17/2021 through 7/6/2021

*All prices include D&H Fee.

Efficiency and Value are the Keys to Control of the Road - What Drivers from Grand Junction CO Can Expect from the New Kia Forte

The latest models of Kia Fortes are honing in on aspects of value to provide the drivers of the greater Palisade area with much-needed consistency. Drivers have come to expect that vehicles should be consistent as well as a joy to drive and the drivers of the greater Fruita area are no different; however, what exactly does this value look like, and what can drivers expect with value-oriented cars such as the Kia Forte.

An Overview of the New Kia Forte

For starters, the latest models of Kia Fortes are extremely gas efficient, with a highway efficiency of 40 mpg and a fuel economy rating of 33 mpg. This ensures that drivers on the road can stay on the road and enjoy their trip much more often. Additionally, the new Kia Forte comes with various engine choices; however, whichever engine drivers choose, they can expect a car that provides smooth sailing on the road. The drivers of the greater Delta CO area can rest assured that these are cars that will allow them to sit back, relax and enjoy the open road.

Why Should I Buy This Car?

To put it simply, Montrose CO drivers can get excited about a new Kia that is striving to be affordable, dependable as well as fun all at the same time. The latest Kia Forte models are cars that care about you in the seat and your wallet outside of the seat because of its numerous value-oriented features. Additionally, the fact that this car has such great value and reliability makes it an excellent choice for new, inexperienced drivers. Maybe you're interested in getting this car for someone else, or maybe you're more interested in taking the car out on the road yourself. Regardless of your intentions, we trust that you'll stop by our dealerships and see what these cars can do.