Oil Change Service

Kia Oil Change

Why have your oil changed at Red Rock Kia?

At Red Rock Kia we use Genuine Kia Oil Filters that are specially formulated to keep your Kia running at top performance. If your Kia is due for an oil change, schedule an appointment with our Kia Service Center at Red Rock Kia today! Oil changes protect against corrosion, prevent foaming and maintain proper application of oil on cylinder walls. Keeping your vehicles oil changed can help prevent leaks. As the seals and gaskets begin to break down the oil pressure can start leaking through cracks in areas such as the oil pan gasket, the oil pan drain plug (oil plug) and valve cover gaskets. So if your low oil pressure or oil level light comes on you need to have your vehicle serviced right away. Keeping your engine lubricated will help prevent engine damage from friction. This can damage your oil pump and even the engine itself. Need a new battery? Be sure to ask us about our Kia Batteries. If you need automotive repair near me, then schedule your appointment today at Red Rock Kia.

Engine Oil

If you think about it, engine oil is extremely important to the operation of your vehicle. Making sure you use Kia Genuine Oil will ensure your vehicle runs smooth for years to come. At Red Rock Kia we only hire factory-certified technicians to ensure your vehicle is handled with care.

Kia Oil Filter

Engine oil needs to be filtered to remove impurities and reduce wear on critical engine components. This helps maintain proper oil viscosity and extends the life of your Kia. Kia Genuine Oil Filters are designed with exact specifications for the flow rate, filter quality, and oil capacity of your Kia. Order a Kia Oil Filter from our Kia parts department at Red Rock Kia to keep your Kia running better. Need your Kia oil and filter changed? Our Kia-trained technicians right here in St. Louis at Red Rock Kia can perform factory maintenance or oil changes on your Kia using Kia Genuine Oil Filters.

It is important to use a Kia Genuine Oil Filter. How often is an oil change needed? Follow the suggested vehicle service schedule in the owner’s manual. Be sure to use a Kia Service Center at Red Rock Kia for all your Kia service needs. If you are looking for a Kia air filter we have you covered. Since we are the OEM we have a wide variety of Kia Batteries, Brakes, Tires, and Oil Filters for your vehicle.

Genuine Kia Motor Oils meet the specifications for your Kia to help optimize vehicle performance, reliability, and fuel economy. Why is an oil change important? Contributes to proper vehicle performance and enhances fuel efficiency and helps extend engine life.