Used Trucks for sale in Grand Junction, CO

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You Never Know What You'll Find from Our Used Truck Inventory

There are times when a used truck is even better than a new one, and you can find a vast selection of used trucks when you shop at Red Rock Kia in Grand Junction, CO. You need to look at our used inventory of trucks because you never know when you'll find a vehicle that was even better than the new one that you imagined because it costs you less, which can be great for when you have other bills to pay. There are so many advantages for Palisade and Montrose, CO customers when buying a used truck, and we want to tell you more about them.

You Never Know What You'll Find

Some people think that used means worn out or that the vehicle has mechanical problems, but that's not the case. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many used trucks cost thousands of dollars less than the new one, but the body is still in great shape, and the mechanicals, electrical components, and computer components work well and will likely last for years.

What About the Truck Body Style?

If you've never owned a truck, you might wonder what's so special about one. Well, there are several reasons why some people prefer trucks over sedans or even SUVs. First of all, a truck can give you great towing power, which is ideal if you have a boat or other toys that you need to haul. You can also put a lot of materials in the bed of the truck, which is ideal if you have a big job that you need to do. And don't forget that it's easier to get around in the snow in a truck.

Come Check Out Our Models

Whether you're in Fruita or Delta, CO, Red Rock KIA is here for you. We have models from your favorite makers, including Toyota,  Ford, GMC, and many others. You'll be happy that you took a look at our selection.